Dutton doubles down on fears


Minister for Hone Affears Peter Dutton says he will keep exposing the risks involved in the stand taken on asylum seekers by the Labor Party and the Australian Greens.

Mr Dutton, speaking in front of a new election campaign billboard in his electorate of Dickson (main picture), said he made no excuses for exposing the risk Australians would be taking by making Bill Shorten their prime minister at the coming election.

“Just recently we saw Bill Shorten leading his Labor/Greens axis of evil in a treasonous collusion between the Labor Party and the Greens to allow murderers, rapists, and paedophiles in the guise of Muslim asylum seekers now safely held behind razor wire offshore to invade our country on the flimsy excuse of seeking life-saving medical attention,” Mr Dutton began.

“Bill Shorten is doing everything he can to tell people smugglers overseas that they are free to sail their boats here filled with Muslim terrorists, murderers, rapists, and paedophiles.

“I have also previously pointed out that it is the Lebanese-Muslims that former prime minister Malcolm Fraser let in to Australia who have been among those charged with terrorism offences, which just proves my point.

“Everyone knows that these murderers, rapists, and paedophiles Bill Shorten wants to come here will add to the number of immigrants coming to our country which is already too high.

“We need to stop these people and cut the overall number of immigrants coming here or else we’ll see ordinary Australians being pushed out of jobs, out of schools, off buses, and out of hospital beds.

“Bill Shorten wants all these people to come here yet, unlike me, he doesn’t think we should make special concessions for white South African farmers to migrate here.

“I can promise you that I will continue to expose the risky and hypocritical policies of Bill Shorten as the leader of the Labor Party/Greens axis of treason,” an obviously agitated Mr Dutton said before breaking off his remarks to quietly fondle a Queensland Police Service truncheon he still carries on his belt as a keepsake.

After a few moments, a much calmer Mr Dutton was asked if he had any comment on the appalling events in Christchurch last Friday.

“It’s obvious to me that the alleged offender was a misguided individual influenced by the inflammatory and false information and allegations made by the alt-right,” was all he said before his chief of staff Doug Whistle rushed to the lectern and shepherded the Minister to a waiting car that sped off the wrong way down the Bruce Highway.