Pix scandal big blow to Bolts season


A series of shockingly intimate photographs and videos released this week has brought fresh scandal to the JDG and threatens the launch of the domestic season in two weeks time.

And at the centre of the scandal is Brisbane Bolts bad boy Tyronne “Three-Nuts” Tunstan, the Brisbane side’s notoriously ruthless third-triage dissector who had been hoping for a recall to the Bolts side after missing most of last season through amputation.

Tunstan has been charged by the JDG with filming and then publicly releasing moving and still images of teammate Rowdy “The Schlongster” Yates in a compromising and intimate position with a female human, thought to be his estranged missus.

In both the video and colour photographs obtained by The Bug but which are too distressing to show here, Yates can be clearly seen holding in his hand a tea-towel as he stands beside his missus at the kitchen sink and it’s clear he’s helping her do the dishes.

Yates, who still has criminal charges pending over an alleged aircraft hijacking incident that marred the JDG’s inaugural international competition several months ago, could well do without any involvement in such a scandal, let alone the damage it’s done to his image and standing with fans.bolts dinkus

The JDG judiciary has charged Tunstan  with filming and distributing images without consent and of a nature likely to bring the game and its players into disrepute.

Bolts coach Jack Saunders said that while he was upset by Tunstan’s actions the public is entitled to know that Yates was breaching an AVO to be in his wife’s home the afternoon of the alleged offences.

“Nothing you see in the images suggests it was consensual,” Saunders said.

“And Yates was only reluctantly helping with the washing-up after his missus sprained her right wrist and broke her left thumb during some harmless hijinks after he had invited Tunstan over for an afternoon sandwich that the three of them had enjoyed immensely.”

JDG head honcho Peta Bleattie (pictured at top during her playing days with the Australian women’s rugby union side) said Tunstan’s woes did not end with whatever severe penalties the code might impose.

“There’s old legislation on the Queensland statutes – back in the days when us women knew our place – that make it a criminal offence for a husband to be coerced for any reason into helping with domestic duties.

“The maximum penalty is 15 years, which as you would know is greater than strict new rules we have only just brought in to protect the game’s image. If the Queensland coppers lay charges, Tunstan will automatically be sidelined.”

Player manager and PR consultant to many of Australia’s leading sports stars Max Makeitup said the material made public could ruin Yates’s career.

“You build up a reputation over years as a vicious and heartless thug who maims and kills without a moment’s hesitation and then a supposed teammate does this to you. What on earth was Tunstan thinking?

“I’m still hoping it’s a bit of photoshopped malarkey … some silly practical joke turned sour.

“This could rub both men out of the game and ruin the Bolts’ bid to win the coveted most-senseless-fatalities-in-a-season trophy three times running.”

Yates, who has the spinal injuries unit at a major Brisbane hospital named after him, was too distraught to talk to The Bug about the scandal.

Disclaimer: The Bug is a major sponsor of the Brisbane Bolts.