The Courier-Mail’s latest non-exclusive


Brisbane’s very tabloid morning newspaper The Courier-Mail has set a new benchmark in Australian journalism by yet again claiming as an “exclusive” a story also being run in several of its News Corp stablemates.

It’s the second time in just three days that the newspaper has redefined the term “exclusive”.

exclusivethurdayIt was only on Thursday this week that The Bug ran an item looking at how both The Australian and The Courier-Mail newspapers both claimed the same story as an “exclusive” (pictured).

Both were based on information from an ASIO briefing obviously given to them by the Morrison Government in a bid to discredit new laws proposed by the Independent Member for Wentworth, Dr Kerryn Phelps, covering medical evacuations to Australia of asylum seekers from offshore detention centres.

When spinning the yarn the government also took the opportunity to slap the Labor Party for its possible support of the cross-bench Bill when it reaches the House of Representatives.

As we observed just on Thursday, both “exclusives” in The Oz and The Courier-Mail also ran in various forms in other News Corp fish-wrappers written by other journos.

So Peter Dutton, ….ooops… we mean, someone in the Morrison Government, had been busy photocopying the ASIO material and spreading it to media outlets in an effort to stop the Bill put forward by Dr Phelps.

Now today in its Saturday edition The Courier-Mail runs another “exclusive” story on the Bill, this time pointing to a possible “$1.4 billion bill” for taxpayers if Dr Phelps’ legislation becomes law and requires the reopening of the Christmas Island detention centre (main picture).

The Courier-Mail’s federal political editor Renee Viellaris wrote in her Saturday “exclusive” that the figure was an estimate to the government by “independent bureaucrats”.

One problem for Ms Viellaris is that The Australian once again has the same story on its front page, as happened on Thursday, although this time the national broadsheet tabloid doesn’t claim it as “exclusive”.

Another few problems for Ms Viellaris and her “exclusive” claim is that – as happened on Thursday – other News Corp papers also carry the same story in their Saturday editions.

2stories sat boatsReporters at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (left in picture) and at the Herald Sun in Melbourne (right in picture) obviously also received the same information from Peter Dut… ooops, we mean, from someone in the Morrison Government.

Perhaps The Courier-Mail and Ms Viellaris should invest in a dictionary and look up the word “exclusive”.