Can you hear us, Mr Greenwood?


Anybody know what planet Channel 9’s business and finance editor Ross Greenwood lives on?media dinkus

Well, it’s certainly not Planet Earth or that globe’s largest island if you go by his introduction to a finance piece on Channel 9’s Sydney 6pm news the other night.

“As Australian families worry about falling home prices….” is how Greenwood began a piece on a possible interest rate cut.

Really, Ross? All? Some? Those who already own property?

And most importantly of all, what mindset in modern Australia is capable of cooking up such an opening? One, The Bug suspects, inside the brain of a person who has done very well in life, has had a highly paid job for a long, long time, has plenty of money in the bank and possibly owns more than just the property they are living in?

So next time Greenwood is scribbling down on a scrap of paper or memorising his opening remarks to camera on anything to do with Australian finance or residential property market, he should perhaps reflect on the fact that statistics show we as Australians are becoming a nation of renters. And with wages barely keeping pace with inflation and residential property prices racing ahead by obscene yearly increases over recent years, that is only going to get worse, despite recent falls.

Australian families worried about falling home prices, Ross? All those renters out there would be rejoicing over the current tumble around the country, especially Sydney and Melbourne. They’re probably shouting their joy at someone else’s rafters.

They’re probably also wise enough and sad enough to know such joy will be short-lived; that house prices will rebound seeing there hasn’t been any new land made in Oz for quite some time now.

So here are two suggestions for Greenwood. Stop using such risibly absurd introductions that The Bug suspects would deeply offend the vast majority of his viewers, or at least have the decency to conclude his reports with a little disclaimer about what property he owns, what he might be thinking of selling  and what he might rent out.


My, my. Don’t the Tories get angry when their God-given right to rule Australia is nearly snatched away from them by a heathen populace. And that anger does not abate with time.

Former Howard Minister Amanda Vanstone simply can’t let go that naughty #mediscare campaign that Labor ran at the 2016 poll. Have a read of her column in The Sydney Morning Herald earlier this week if you can. Her image really should have only one eye.

Vanstone completely ignores that fact that the LNP’s 2016 scare campaign – that the value of everyone’s home would be devastated by Labor’s negative-gearing policies – was every bit as vicious as #mediscare.

Vanstone would never mention that Labor had to pay for their #mediscare. The mainstream media happily plugged #negativegearingscare for free. Ditto LNP claims that the government was the best friend Medicare had ever had.

The LNP has already dusted off the negative-gearing scare campaign for this year’s poll, once again helped along by a very supportive media. As the election draws near, commentators who will probably look very much like Ross Greenwood will be wringing their hands and saying how awful that policy – and the ALP one on credit imputations – will be on the very future of the Australian society we know and love the best – the one where the rich get richer and the poor can go fuck themselves.


Anyone in any doubt about how many free kicks the LNP will be given by the media this coming election – and not just from #newscorpse – take a gander at this recent splash from The West Australian.frankly i don't give a damn.jpg

Bill Shorten said something of the sort, of course, but nothing to warrant that beat-up.

It gives us a glimpse as to how Photoshop software around the Dirty Digger’s stable of rotten rags will come close to blowing a fuse as the current faux election campaign turns into the real thing.

Don Gordon-Brown