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Okay, everyone! Put your glands up in the air if you think people only ever bonk for procreation and never for recreation?

Okay. Glands down. As we thought, your responses dovetail with what we all knew to be the case anyway through a thorough study of human history: a helluva lot of sexual intercourse is undertaken for the fun of it, not to start a family with it. Especially since the Pill came along.

gcb fpBut that fact seems to have escaped the sub-editor at the Gold Coast Bulletin, who decided the perfect splash heading for a yarn about Gold Coast women having one of the lowest fertility rates in the nation was WE’RE NOT BONKERS.

Well, someone’s bonkers, and it’s not necessarily the young people on the glitter strip leaving parenthood until later in life; nor is it the high proportion of older folk on the Goldie who maybe are bonking away at almost record levels in the safe knowledge that their fertile days are beyond them, or are likewise bonking away furiously in the hope that they aren’t.

Either way, we suspect that none of these older people are doing their best to prove the Bulletin heading spot on; each in their own part of the house, she watching Love Actually; he Django Unchained and only seeing each other at mealtimes.

Of course, if we could ask that sub to defend his or her choice of heading – which in itself might be difficult because that sub probably works in a tiny production hub in Reykjavik, Iceland or Mumbai, India – they might argue that they used the heading because young people on the Goldie have quite reasonably decided to have a life instead of creating one.

Possibly. But we suspect that’s a long shot – and one they didn’t think of at the time.

And even though the heading is possibly acceptable in the 21stC where clickbaitability or pick-me-up-and-buy-me flair is far more important than being an accurate and fair summary of the yarn it touts, we at The Bug still think a crash course in the basics of logic wouldn’t go astray for that Bullie sub.


duke collisionOn @newsbreakfast on ABV TV Friday morning: “…Prince Phillip collided with another car…”

Bad journalism for several reasons.


Little known facts about Australian media #21:

While most television news studios around the nation have blue or green rooms where guests relax before going on air, ABC Television’s Southbank studies in Melbourne have the sulk room, where Gerard Henderson gets to blow off steam and calm down after appearing on Insiders where his fellow panellists have deliberately and churlishly refused to acknowledge the genius of his political observations.


And finally, our take on the state of commercial TV news…..

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Compiled by Don Gordon-Brown