Auditions start for Today show co-host


The Nine Network has confirmed it will shift to a two-female hosting format for its Today show in 2019 following the sacking of Karl Stefanovic.

The network said it had started auditions to find a replacement for Stefanovic and had so far uncovered a number of previously unknown women with the potential to fill the chair next to Georgie Gardner when the national breakfast TV show resumes in the new year.

“Once again the auditions held so far prove the old saying that unless you look you’ll never find,” Today show executive producer Lois Common-Denominator told The Bug.

“There have been numerous women submitting expressions of interest in taking over from Karl and we have viewed dozens of show reels and culled them down to a shortlist,” Ms Common-Denominator said.

“We have even called a few of the women in for in-studio auditions and have been surprised at how well they have performed in front of the cameras.

“They have often been people we have never heard of previously. For instance the audition by Peta Beattie (main picture above) showed she just loves the camera, and I mean that literally.

“We needed to physically drag her off the camera by the end of the audition when she was trying to have some sort of erotic, physical interaction with it.

“Then there was Rose Cameron (pictured). Not the best looking woman some might say, but clearly a strong presenter.audition ross c

“Rose’s audition consisted mainly of her delivering rambling monologues that included racial slurs and limericks, all punctuated by loud belches, while espousing popular right-wing conspiracy theories.

“When we told Rose we wouldn’t be touching those type of subjects on Today she became a bit upset and accused the show of being ‘just another lefty love-in like the ABC produces at great expense to taxpayers’.

“I guess when you are an outsider you don’t fully appreciate the need to appeal to a mass TV audience. And as far as our budget goes the sky’s certainly not the limit.

“Another previously unknown woman who gave a surprisingly good audition was Stefanie O’Vic (pictured).

audition karl“She seems a natural and fitted right in to the vibe of the show.

“Apparently she has most recently been working as a wedding planner but would dearly like to take the co-host’s seat on Today,” Ms Common-Denominator said.

The Bug has learned a high-profile personality from a rival TV network has also auditioned for the job as Karl Stefanovic’s replacement. It is understood the rival network star has experience in breakfast television.

A source within the Nine Network even sent The Bug a photograph extracted from the star’s audition tape (picture below).

But because the personality in question was wearing dark glasses at the time it is impossible to identify them for certain.audition cow

The Bug understands that while Ms Common-Denominator would conduct further auditions, the final decision on who would round out the new all-female hosting team would be left to the same old fat, middle-aged, misogynistic, white men running the network.