New app threatens Twitter’s dominance


Popular global social media forum Twitter is confronting the biggest challenge to its existence from the skyrocketing popularity of a new rival app developed in Australia.

hittler1Those behind the new app, called Hittler, say users have embraced it because it focusses solely on the most popular feature of Twitter — the ability to anonymously abuse other users online.

Speaking from Hittler’s headquarters on the Gold Coast, the app’s developer Ulysses Snenge told The Bug the top-secret algorithm being used was the key to the internet newcomer’s popularity.

“I started developing the new app when I noticed Twitter conversations generally started off politely, but deteriorated soon after into personal abuse among those tweeting,” Mr Snenge said.

“They invariably degenerated into slanging matches where one side likened the other to prominent personalities from the Third Reich.

“So I saw an opportunity to develop an algorithm that sped up that process so users reach peak levels of personal abuse and humiliating and belittling comments as quickly as possible.hittler2

“We do that by filtering users and their messages — which we call Hitts — so that thugs and bullies are very rapidly the only ones whose comments and conversation appear to others in any conversation.

“They can effectively shout down the more polite users and dominate conversations.

“I am in the process of patenting this unique new algorithm which I have called an aggrorithm.

“Unlike Twitter we also offer a feature that means account holders cannot block those abusing them and this is a particularly popular development among our heaviest users.

“We’ve delivered an app that means any rude, ignorant half-wit with a half-baked opinion based on half-truths and urban myths can let their ignorance loose and endlessly abuse those who disagree with them or those who insist on expressing only opinions based on facts.


“In other words, we out-Twitter Twitter itself. There’s nothing else like it, apart from the talk-back shows on 2GB in Sydney and Sky News after dark.

“Also unlike Twitter we don’t offer the ability to ‘like’ someone’s message, but we do allow people to ‘hate’ it and to ‘hate’ the user who originally posted it.”

Mr Snenge said he and his fellow investors and app developers planned to take Hittler to a public NASDAQ listing and were expecting an initial share price that would easily make all of them overnight millionaires.

“Suck on that fuck features,” he told The Bug.