We reveal PM’s fair-dinkum makeover


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has undergone a major image overhaul as the federal Liberal Party and his minders step up their campaign to portray him as an average fair-dinkum Aussie bloke.

Just days after completing a bus tour of Queensland by VIP plane, Mr Morrison has revealed a new image aimed at reinforcing the “fair dinkum average Aussie” persona he has tried to convey since becoming Prime Minister.

Speaking exclusively to The Bug at an outer-suburban Liverpool milk bar in Sydney’s west, Mr Morrison (pictured) showed off his new look.

“Fair dinkum, from now on I’ll be ditching the bag of fruit and wearing just a tee and cap with some fair dinkum boardies and ugg boots,” he said.

“Fair dinkum, it’s so much more comfy. You have no idea. Fair dinkum, I don’t know why I didn’t do this days ago.”

scomo image frameMr Morrison also showed off his new body art, another example of his efforts to connect with ordinary Australians.

“Fair dinkum, I’ve got two full sleeve tatts depicting fair dinkum Aussie native animals, a boat symbolising the many I’ve stopped coming to our country carrying terrorists, and images of some lumps of coal — the black gold that gives us fair dinkum power every hour of every day,” he said.

“Fair dinkum, I’ve also had the Southern Cross tattooed on my left shoulder blade and ‘Fuck off we’re full’ on the right one.”

Mr Morrison sat throughout the interview drinking several glasses of beer poured from a jug, although the milk bar was not licensed.

“Fair dinkum, who gives a fuck?” he said when The Bug asked about the breach of licensing laws.

“Fair dinkum, any true blue Aussie knows beer is our fair dinkum national drink so, fair dinkum, it should be available whenever and wherever any fair dinkum Aussie — which I clearly am — wants it,” he said.

Mr Morrison also used the exclusive interview to announce he would no longer be using a custom-made bulletproof BMW sedan as his official prime ministerial vehicle.

“Fair dinkum, who wants to get around in a non-fair dinkum German shit box like that?” he said, swilling beer directly from the jug.

“Fair dinkum I’ve sent the Beemer back to the Commcar pool and, fair dinkum, from now on I’ll be using a fair dinkum set of Aussie wheels.”

At that Mr Morrison ended the interview and strode purposefully to a deep blue VS Holden Commodore carrying official C-1 registration plates.

After gunning the engine he did several doughnuts on the road outside the milk bar (pictured) before driving himself in the general direction of Canberra.

scomo car