Drama behind Biden’s big speech

US President Joe Biden has delivered his State of the Union Address with members of the US Congress and viewers around the world unaware of the drama that almost saw the speech cancelled or deferred.

A US Secret Service source who spoke to The Bug on condition of anonymity said Mr Biden only narrowly made it to the Capitol Building to deliver the speech Tuesday night American time.

“The problem started about an hour before he was due to depart the White House for the Capitol  when the President finished a meeting with his senior advisers to go over the speech one last time,” the source said.

“His advisers left him alone after the meeting with the idea that he could spend the time prepping for the big event.

“But a few minutes later he emerged from the Oval Office and, according to the Secret Service agents on duty at the time, gave the look that he gives when he walks out of or into a room and can’t remember what he left or entered the room to do.

“Our agents are accustomed to that look he sometimes gives. Well, he often gives it. Actually,  most of the time. In fact every time he leaves or enters a room.

“The agents on duty in the West Wing yesterday evening said that the President came in and out of the Oval Office several times and each time he was muttering to himself that he knew he had to be somewhere important very soon.

“Finally he came out of the Oval Office and asked one of the agents for the address of Union Station.

“After being told it was on Massachusetts Avenue the President apparently left the West Wing by a side door and jogged out of the White House grounds alone.

“It took a while for the Secret Service to scramble and when they got to the station two miles away they found the President had shed his suit, in fact all of his clothes, and was wandering around the station concourse stark naked. (main picture)

“Luckily everyone there thought he was just a Washington weirdo or a busker so the agents piled him into the back of a car and after someone gathered his clothes they dressed him as they drove to the Capitol where the President’s staff handed him his speech and rushed him to the House of Representatives chamber where he gave the speech.

“Luckily he couldn’t remember anything that had happened earlier so it didn’t affect his performance, but it was a close call and apparently his senior staff were on the brink of calling of the address by saying he’d caught COVID,” the source said.